Dr. Ian Billnghurst

Dr. Ian Billinghurst

Senior Advisor and Veterinary Surgeon B.V.Sc.(Hons), B.Sc.Agr., Dip. Ed.

The Father of Raw Food

For over 50 years, Ian has practiced veterinary medicine and espoused one consistent message; feed your dog a raw, evolutionarily appropriate diet. 

He's a best selling author in the areas of raw pet food, whole food nutrition, not only for companion animals, but also for humans.  Add to that he is a recognized expert in nutritionist, animal acupuncture, and agricultural science.  He's also given over __ speeches and lectures, and consultant and produced raw pet food.

When you Google Ian's name, you see he is considered the "father of raw feeding" and the is the one that pioneered the acronym "BARF" for biologically appropriate raw food (or "bones and raw feeding"). 

Dr. Ian Billinghurst began his companion animal veterinary practice in 1975. In the mid 1980’s, following years of clinical research, he noticed the devastating effect that commercial foods had on dog and cat health and was amazed at the profound healing power of raw feeding.

Raw Food for Dogs

Dr. Billinghurst's first book, “Give Your Dog a Bone” was written in 1993.  This was the original, definitive raw food for dogs book.  This book along with his lecture tours across the USA, United Kingdom, Canada, and Japan became the spark, which ignited the worldwide raw pet food movement.  Since, he's written three more best sellers on raw feeding and dog health.

Dr Billinghurst remains as incredibly passionate about sharing his message for evolutionary nutrition—with his current lectures and writings emphasizing the basic truth… “Nutrition… it’s absurdly simple.”

Joining Gussy's Gut

Dr. Billinghurst joined Gussy's Gut as chief advisor to formulate and oversee product quality.  He believes the key to the vegetable content as part of a whole and complete diet should be fermented vegetables, herbs and fruits that provide balance and nutrients meat cannot.  

"Gussy's Gut is the original fermented superfood supplement for dogs.  They have the finest functional, food-based nutrient supplements I know of.  And you can add it to any dog food to increase overall gut health and nutrient absorption." - Dr. Billinghurst

Ian lives with his wonderful wife Roslyn and has two grown amazing children, Annalies and Caelia.  In his spare time, he enjoys _______

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