This is our foundational formula for everyday nutrient, gut health, healthy aging and detox support.  This formula is high antioxidants, phytonutrients, and polyphenols.  These are highly bioavailable nutrients are unlocked in our proprietary fermentation process which means your dog will absorb and receive more of the benefits in Daily for their well being than in the raw form.

DAILY is made from 19 enzymatically activated superfoods, fermented and freeze-dried so it is in it's raw form.

Active Ingredients: *Red Cabbage, *Cauliflower, *Broccoli, *Cilantro, *Parsley, *Lacinato Kale, *Mustard Greens, *Jerusalem Artichoke (Sunchoke), *Dandelion, *Turmeric, *Papaya, *Red Beets, *Milk Thistle, *Oregano, *Wild Blueberries, *Alfalfa, *Decaffeinated Green Tea, Grass-fed Goat Kefir, *Kelp. Inactive ingredients: Ancient Utah Sea Salt, *White Cheddar Cheese, and/or *Parmesan.

* Organic

This formula was created with the world renowned animal nutritionist and veterinary surgeon, Dr. Ian Billinghurst.